Monday, June 13, 2016

Dallas Aquarium

We had family come into town last week and we had some pretty low key days. My mom has fractured her foot the week before, so she was in a boot and could barely walk, so we kept our days a little less hectic. I mostly wanted to get things organized too before the baby comes and even looking at our place now- there is so much more to do. I'm down to 6 weeks- give or take-  until the baby comes. I'm hoping the baby comes sooner than over my due date. Surviving this Dallas summer is going to be brutal. The pool will be my best friend for sure. 

Daniel's brother Robert and his family was here last weekend for the Dallas comic con so Laura, her kiddos, myself, my kiddos and my parents went to the aquarium Saturday morning. I love checking out new museums and aquariums and zoos and comparing them. Each is so different but I will say that the Dallas aquarium is by far my favorite. The whole atmosphere is designed like a rainforest. There were all the typical fish and ocean animals but also sloths, monkeys, and toucans. Every corner there was a new animal to see and it felt like you were outside which made it beautiful. Arizona loved getting close up to the tanks, but whenever Brielle got close and fish swam by- she got scared and ran toward me. 

          Selfie with my dimpled sweetheart. 
Arizona and my dad posing with the sloth. Aren't sloths just amazing creatures? There was a feeding session that one of the aquarium workers did and watching these sloths move slowly to their food was fascinating. The reason they move so slow because all they eat is greens. They don't have the energy to move quickly because their diet doesn't provide them with enough nutrients to keep them active. If I ever lived with a sloth, I would be very annoyed. They are seriously the slowest creatures. 
Those three ugly fish closer to the girls was giving us an intense stare. 

           Arizona, Brielle, Emma, and Connor. 
Also, how are fish and sharks so odd looking? There are so many sea animals we've never seen and so many at the aquarium that look so crazy weird. I mean look at this shark, really? 
         "Mom, why are they so pink?"
These little jellyfish were so cool. I loved the glow in the dark fish and there were some I wish I had taken a picture of- that had glowing eyes. The kids were pretty fascinated by these little fish. 

We had a really fun morning and we had to prepare for Arizona's ballet recital that afternoon. 

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