Sunday, July 3, 2016

Arizona's Spring Recital

Arizona has been in ballet class for one year. She has learned so much from flexibility, to discipline and different ballet positions. I think Monday is her favorite day because Daniel is home from work=daddy daughter date, ballet class, and Family Home Evening. She meets from 4-5pm and its half an hour of ballet and half an hour of tap. For her dance recital, she had two performances. The first was a ballet of Sleeping Beauty. She played a yellow songbird and her outfit was so cute. I wouldn't consider myself a dance mom- I like that she can be happy and comfortable on stage but if she loses interest in dance in the years to come- that's fine by me. I didn't cake her face with makeup- mostly because Arizona wasn't a fan of it- except for the lipstick. I also think a little blush and lipgloss goes a long way. 

She loved dressing up and posing for the camera. We did a trial run the night before of full face makeup and she wanted her picture taken. She looks so grown up. 

My parents were able to come into town for the performance and Arizona loved having them there. Her cousins Connor and Emma came too and I love how family was there to support her and make her feel like it was a very special day for her. 

Arizona made a wonderful group of friends this year. She always looks forward to seeing Ella, Vivienne, and Kaylee(not pictured). They will be in her class again this year.

Her second dance was a tap number called Polka dot, checks and stripes. I think that one was her favorite because she would practice it the most at home. It was a longer dance and had a lot more energy than her ballet performance. We were just so proud of her and her ability to remember the steps. I think Daniel and I were more worried that she would see us from on stage and be distracted from looking at us that she would forget the steps. Thankfully, it only lasted a good 5 seconds and she was dancing away. 

The shot is a little blurry, and this was the best we could get. Taking pictures with children is so hard- I wish there was some secret formula to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time. Summer break is almost over and Arizona will start up dancing again the first Monday in August. I think we plan on keeping her in dance until she is tired of it or shows more interest in something else. We think it's important for the girls to be active in a sport or musical instrument. It will be interesting to see what she learns this year and how into it she will be. I think in about a year I will be putting Brielle in dance. She will play Arizona's dance performance on my phone and do all the steps. It is really cute to watch and she is quite coordinated too. My little girls just love to dance. 

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