Monday, August 22, 2016

Brielle is 2

Our baby is now a big girl! She won't admit she's a big girl- she's prefers to still consider herself the baby in the family. She is our fiesty child for sure. I'm pretty sure if she got into a fight- she would win. She's very determined and very emotional. Her facial expressions are obvious to what she is feeling. 
She loves to eat almost anything. Her typical food schedule is her meal and parts of your meal too. It doesn't matter that she ate a full breakfast- she will convince you that she needs to sit on your lap and "me turn" give her a bite. 

Her vocabulary has skyrocketed and is starting to say 5 word sentences. She doesn't talk in a lower voice like we would want her to. This girl will yell everything...absolutely everything. As sweet as her voice is- please stop yelling child!! 
Brielle is obsessed with  Peppa Pig. Because I had Adeline on the 28th and  Brielle's birthday is the 29th- I wasn't able to make her a birthday cake. Daniel- being the awesome husband he is- made her a peppa pig cake. I think he did a really great job-Brielle absolutely loved it. Now when we say we will have cake- she yells Peppa Pig!! 

We celebrated her birthday on Saturday the 30th with presents and singing happy birthday. Her face of excitement is just priceless. We love making our children happy on their birthday. It's their day to celebrate them and we try our best to make it memorable. 
      A Peppa Pig plush my mom got her. 
She also loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse so Arizona got her a clubhouse toy and grandma Atkins bought her a Minnie top and shorts and Frozen Jammies. 

Things Brielle loves: going outside, splashing in puddles, snuggling with her doggie and blankie, puzzles, flap books, singing, fruit snacks, shoes, dancing and performing, m&m's, mangos, bananas, strawberries, alphabet soup with tortillas, giving hugs and kisses, watching videos of herself, taunting Arizona son wrestling with dad.
Things she doesn't like: Not getting what she wants. 

We sure love this little girl of ours. 

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  1. Holy smokes, I had to do a double take with the title of this post. Brielle is two?! How is that possible? Weren't you just pregnant with her at Marquis yesterday?! She's beautiful and sounds like her personality is contagious! Fruit snacks are popular around here too.