Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A lot Can Happen in 30 Days

Go Big or Big home! We apparently don't do anything halfway. We added a new member to our family- Miss Adeline on July 28th. Brielle's 2nd birthday was July 29th. I turned 30 on August 15th and Daniel's and my 9 year anniversary was on the 18th. We had a great dinner out at Whiskey Cake and Daniel bought me workout clothes for my birthday. I had asked for new workout clothes so don't go thinking he was trying to send me a message. Ha! I'm excited to start working out again and especially doing some classes with my friends. I also feel like this time around my body bounced back better. I'm feeling motivated to get toned and healthy again. And the next big development in our lives....

On August 25th, we officially closed on our first home!! It's only taken us 9 years to purchase a home, no big deal. The whole home buying process here in Dallas has been pretty stressful. We started looking at homes in May and got an awesome realtor who is also LDS. We didn't quite understand how competitive the market is here in Dallas until we looked at homes we liked and put offers in. The formula here is basically not to put an offer in at list price- but to bid over. And by bidding over- I mean significantly over. We placed bids on 5 homes and were rejected all five times. I was inching closer to having Adeline and the thought of home shopping with a newborn was not as exciting anymore. 

Our new home teacher came to visit with us and told us that he was selling his home. We thought- that's great- we are looking to buy and we wanted to stay in the ward boundaries. We told him that we were very interested in his home after looking at it. When we put the bid in, we were pretty hopeful we would get the house. I had envisioned raising the girls there and a Christmas tree in the living room. We got the call a few days later that we didn't get the house. They had accepted another offer instead. We were bummed and back to square one. A couple weeks passed and on my way to my 37 week prenatal appointment, our realtor Cindy called. She informed me that the offer they had accepted a few weeks back fell thru. As sorry as I felt for them, the other side of me was super excited to hear that we could place another offer on the house we loved and possibly be accepted this time. I could not bear being rejected a second time. It would then be our 6th rejection. So we placed an new offer and waited two days to hear back. Those two days were the longest days and we just couldn't wait to find out if we got the house or not. Our realtor called Daniel and had him out her on speaker. She gave the great news!! Our offer was accepted and we got the house!! I seriously wanted to cry. We were so happy and relieved. With any home buying experience we needed to go through the check points of closing on the home. A check needed to be presented, documents needed to be signed. The works. So, as I was approaching my due date, I got firm direction from our realtor Cindy that I could not go into labor until the check was delivered. I really feel like the idea of getting those things done first before I had Adeline were weighing on me and so my body didn't go into labor. I delivered the check on Monday the 25th and went into labor on the 27th. After that it was signing a document here and there and we got a final closing dat on August 25th. We signed a million gazillion papers (I swear my signature was looking like a child's chicken scratch.) I got a little emotional after all was said and done and we officially got our keys to our new house.  

           With our realtor Cindy on closing day. 
I put Daniel to work the night after we got into the house. I really envisioned a striped wall in our formal dining room and I wanted that done before we moved in furniture the next day. I think he did an amazing job and I'm really happy with the result. We have another wall that needs painted, but we will wait on that- when we have more energy. 

Our living room. I bought the rug on,one and u love the pop of color with my brown furniture. We plan to buy a sectional later down the road. 

Our kitchen- we love the space and the cabinets! So many houses we saw had tiny galley kitchens and in my head I knew I would need more space for all my gadgets. In a few years we plan to add cabinet handles, new countertops and a new oven. 
Our formal dining room. I've always wanted a a beautiful dining room with lots of seating for friends and family. We have people over for dinner a lot and we needed this space. I plan to add a row of frames on the striped wall. 
Our Master bedroom and office space. I love how much space we have!! And a king bed!

Hallway leading to our other bedrooms. Of course, this hallway is filled with tons of love and laughter and let's not forget toys. Our girls do know how to use every inch of this home to play. I do have to highlight one of the bedrooms closest. I love the built in shelving and that all the toys can be on display and not cluttered. 
We are really loving all the space. I feel like I'm more organized cause everything has its place. I'm also more conscious of the care of everything. Daniel is now mowing the lawn every Saturday and I try to take on a new project to complete. Our list is still long- but the bones of this house are so great that we are not in a rush to get it all done. We are officially grow ups!! 


  1. Girl I love it! That rug 😍 And dang you are quick to decorate especially after having a baby! I still haven't hung a single thing in my house and we're creeping up to five months. Congrats on the beautiful home!

  2. I love it. I love recognizing most of your furniture and crafts. Makes me feel like somehow I am there. ��