Thursday, October 27, 2016

Adeline's Blessing Day

We chose to bless Adeline over Labor Day weekend. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of family come in for the occasion. Daniels parents, brothers Richard and Thomas, as well as my parents, my brother and his wife Lorena and my cousin Patty with her son Jacob. We had a fun filled weekend and the girls loved having visitors come. My mom had been here since July helping out with the older girls. Thankfully she was because my postpartum journeys have been terrible. With Arizona I almost died from a pulmonary embolism. With Brielle could barely move for days. And with Adeline, I got a kidney infection and mastitis. It was pretty terrible. Pregnancy and motherhood is a hard journey, but I'm grateful for the sweet girls that are now a part of our family. Back to blessing weekend. 

We went out for Texas bbq on Saturday with Daniel's family. I don't think I will ever tire of bbq. It's so good! Especially the legit stuff. My dad and the rest of my family got in on Saturday evening and we  had burgers and hot dogs for dinner. Daniel was happy to finally have his own grill. I'm pretty excited too cause he does at least one meal on the grill during the week. On Sunday Daniel gave Adeline a beautiful blessing. He blessed her to be loyal with friends and family. That she will show empathy and kindness to others. He blessed her to marry in the temple and to start her own family. She will show her love in her own quiet way. I just loved everything about this blessing. I've noticed how sweet, and quiet she is. How she looks at you with great observance and smiles the biggest smile. She is by far my sweetest baby. Not saying the other two aren't sweet, because they can be- but there is something so calm about Adeline's demeanor. 

Daniel's dad thought it would be special to take a reenactment shot of the blessing. I think it turned out really cool and a view you don't usually see. 

Daniel's family made their way back home on Monday morning. My family was set to stay until Wednesday night. We still had our apartment till September 25th so they were staying there- it was closer to the pool. Arizona spent a lot of time with them swimming while Brielle and Adeline stayed home with me. Monday night I started feeling off and was running a temp. I knew I was getting mastisis and I've had it before when Brielle was a baby. I had been able to get rid of it on my own but this time my temp was so high and the pain was unbearable. I made an appointment with my doctor the next morning and was on antibiotics. I didn't want to miss out on family fun( I'm crazy- I should have stayed home and rested). We went to the aquarium and had bbq lunch at pecan lodge in Deep Ellum. It wasn't a very enjoyable time for me since I felt incredibly terrible. As soon as I got home I went straight to bed and remained there the rest of the day and night. This infection was really kicking my butt. Thankfully, by morning I felt better- I wasn't completely out of the clear but as the days went on- I was feeling like a new woman. 

I'm so grateful for family and their willingness to travel to come see us and celebrate Adeline. I love that our girls have an amazing dad who can give them a baby blessing. It's something that they will treasure their whole lives. 

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