Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Life With 3 Kids

I've always heard moms say that once they had three kids, life became more stressful. You're basically outnumbered and the needs of your children are present ALL the time. When I get a break from being a mommy, I'm either working out with my friends at the gym, catching up on my shows, reading a book, working on my calling, decorating or organizing the house, and taking a shower. Taking a shower has never felt so luxurious before. When I had Arizona- it was hard because I had never experienced motherhood. This little person shocked me to my core. Brielle was a lot easier. I knew what I was doing, and balancing both kiddos wasn't too taxing. I think it also helped that Arizona is such a good big sister, daughter and friend. She genuinely cares for others and their happiness. Now, with the third- it's a whole different ballgame. Arizona is curious and active. She wants to play, learn and interact constantly. Brielle is in the terrible twos. And I mean TERRIBLE! I also say that with a lot of love. 

Brielle can be the sweetest child there is. Lots of hugs and kisses and her sweet voice just melts you. But then there's also the screaming, the yelling, the defiance, the constant no's and let's not forget the fighting with Arizona. This kid. 

Adeline is by far my most chill kid. She is happy as can be, always smiling and so curious as to what her sisters are up to. I love the 3-6 month stage. Lots of smiles, cuddles, and not on a strict schedule which means we can come and go when we want. We sure love our life and are soaking it in. I have this plaque in our room that says, "It's okay if the only thing you did today was breathe." And on most days. I have to say, I agree. 

                Arizona, Brielle and Adeline at 3 months old. 

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