Monday, November 14, 2016

Halloween 2016

We can officially check mark another successful Halloween in the books. This year we decided to let the girls choose their own costumes. Originally I was going to make their costumes but with the passing of Daniel's grandmother and having to travel to Jacksonville, I didn't have the time. I will write about that trip on another post. The girls and I went to once upon a child( a children's clothing resale shop) and they picked out their costumes. Arizona wanted to be a pirate and I basically convinced Brielle to be a 50's girl. I think they look adorable. I dressed Adeline up in a mermaid costume. It's hard to tell since she still has that squishy newborn look. 
The day of Halloween the weather was amazing! I didn't want to subject Brielle to her long sleeve puffy dress so I had her wear the little mermaid costume that I found at goodwill while up in jville. She loved it and I think she looked so cute. We went trick or treating with friends and made it about a mile down from our house to a suburb called Homestead. I really liked this neighborhood because it wasn't overly crowded and the people there were very friendly. The girls had a blast. We probably walked around for about 30-40 minutes until they started to get tired. We headed home and handed out candy to just a handful of trick or treaters to our place. As the girls have grown older, it has become a lot more fun. They definetly love this holiday. 

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