Thursday, December 15, 2016

Arizona's Surgery

Arizona came up to Daniel and I one day and said that her teacher from primary told her to let me know about the bump she had under her skin. Apparently, she had been rubbing her skin and when I checked it out, I felt a ball under her skin. I thought it was pretty gross and Daniel thought it was interesting. Arizona liked playing with it and so we told her pediatrician who suggested we go see a surgeon. Most cases when children are born, they develop a cyst that is so small and not recognizable until the child is a little older. Pretty much when they grow- the cyst will grow with them. It just becomes more of concern if it keeps getting bigger and blocks the esophagus or if it's cancerous. 

So we set up a surgery time and prepped Arizona days before she was suppose to go in. I told her that she would be asleep when it gets taken out and it wouldn't hurt. She would feel groggy when she wakes up but it wasn't anything she needed to worry about. That night she said, "Okay, I'm ready to go to sleep and then when I wake up the ball won't be there anymore right?" Not how it works AZ. She's so sweet. 

The morning of she couldn't eat or drink anything before the surgery and I was worried she was going to be awnry from hunger but she was just so curious about everything that it never fazed her. Daniel went with her while I stayed home with Brielle and Adeline. He said the only thing she had a hard time with was the "sleepy juice." I wish he would have gotten her on video. I guess she was talking a lot- which isn't anything new, but most of what she was saying was incoherent. It was a quick procedure- no more than 20 minutes. She came home a little groggy and excited to eat. Since it was a big day for her we didn't limit the amount of goodies she could eat. She was in heaven eating all manner of sweets. The good news is that the ball was benign and we had nothing to worry about from here on out. 

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