Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Prep 2016

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to post for Thanksgiving this year. We spent the day at a friends house for dinner and the girls didn't eat much of anything- which isn't surprising. Daniel and I chowed down though and it was delicious! The next day is our tradition of decorating the house and putting up the tree. The girls love helping- and by helping I mean asking lots of questions, throwing the ornaments on and having a ton of opinions of where things should go. We blast some Christmas music, make hot cocoa and decorate this place like crazy. It's such a different experience when you finally have a home and you have all this space to decorate. I'm not going to argue with all the extra shopping that will go down. 

We decided (by we, I mean Arizona) to put on the multi colored lights instead of the white ones this year. The older the girls have gotten, the more opinionated they have become and I just need to roll with it. There's no use in arguing with a 4 and 2 year old. I've come to the conclusion that Christmas is more for them now than it is for me so we will do what they think will be fun. 

I love the way my mantle came together( this was the second try). We have had our stockings since we got married 9 years ago and have finally been able to use them all. We realized when we put the tree up that it was very small looking for our space. We plan to buy a newer, bigger one in a couple years and make this one our kids tree where they can hang all of their fun ornaments they make over the years. 

Our church does an amazing presentation of different nativities from around the world during the Christmas season. So many beautiful displays of Christ's birth are represented in many shapes and forms and colors. Daniel took Arizona for a daddy daughter date to see it and Arizona really loved it. She took a ton of pictures of the displays.... A ton! 

I grew up with parents who love to decorate the outside of their home. We had a quaint home growing up so when my parents went all out on decorations, the house looked so great. I loved having the brightest house of the street. It was a sight to see. Now that Daniel and I are official homeowners, I really want to make our home decked out for the holidays. I bought 6 packages of lights to hang around the house and that was the first step. The after Christmas sales provided a lot more opportunity to buy and I think we stocked up to cover the house, bushes and possibly the side fence. I'm excited to try it out next year. Do I really have to wait till next year?! 

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