Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentine's Day

We had a low key Valentine's Day this year and I loved it. There was no pressure to make over the top gifts for the kids and Daniel and I didn't get each other anything. Well, he did surprise me with roses but it made more sense to buy me bouquet and from that bouquet grab two roses from the girls. Yup, call us cheap, we're okay with that. We made our way out to Chipotle for dinner- another way of saving money- sort of. The girls are signed up for a reading program and with reading a total of three hours, they earned a free meal at Chipotle. I think it was more of a good reason to get Chipotle for me. They barely ate any of their food, but they made it up by eating donuts as a treat. They received money  from their grandparents and with that money they wanted to buy donuts. We also watched The BFG (part of Arizona's reading came from reading the book with Daniel).

We have had beautiful weather days and that calls for more outdoor play time. I love watching the girls play with each other, and hold hands. I love to eavesdrop on conversations between Arizona and Brielle where she explains how things are done. Arizona takes it upon herself to be a teacher and Brielle soaks up all the information. They really are the best of friends.

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  1. What a cute relationship your girls have! That's precious! Our V Day was pretty much the same. In fact I didn't even tell Davis it was V Day, haha!