Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Adeline is 6 Months Old

Our baby is 6 months old!! I can't believe how quickly time flew by with this little one. When I had just Arizona at home, I felt like my days were so long. I think I figured out why that is. Having just one child- you're entire focus is on this one kid who doesn't talk to you, who needs attention 24/7 and sometimes you just feel like bedtime will never come. With a third child, I'm able to do more while the older kiddos entertain her. It also helps that my older girls want to go to the park and playdates with friends and that fills the awake time of our baby. It might also be that this time around as a mother of three- I've gotten used to this. Going from one kid to two was simple for me. At first it was scary to try and balance it all but I was more confident when it came to nursing and understanding my baby's cues. I was hoping it would be the same with a third, but man, did the transition from two to three rock my world. Each girl had different needs and it didn't help that we just bought a house and were in the middle of a move. And....lets not forget that I was dealing with a kidney infection and mastisis weeks apart from each other. It was rough. 
Adeline has been our easiest baby though. She is so content and happy and at 4 months- she became the smiliest baby. With the other girls- we had to work for those smiles. We just look at Adeline and immediately we get this cute open mouthed smile. 
 The girls enjoy being her big sister and love greeting her in the mornings and post nap. She flails her arms around them and Arizona is the only one that can truly make her belly laugh. They don't call her Adeline but have given her the nickname of Baby LuLu. Its stuck and Daniel and I have caught ourselves saying Baby LuLu when trying to get her attention.

 She is the best shopping partner and best outdoor companion. When the girls want to go to the park, she is happy to sit in her carseat and watch everyone run around. This was her first time in a swing and she loved it. I see many more park dates in our future.

 Arizona was a toe sucker, Brielle couldn't even reach her feet, and Adeline has discovered her feet recently. It's been a great way to keep her entertained.

 I should also mention that Adeline is working hard on her core muscles. This is how you will find her most of the time. She just wants to be part of the action. Work that core baby! She has recently started to sit and that has given her a new perspective which she really enjoys.

 Adeline's stats are: Weight- 16lbs 14 ounces and her height is 27.5 inches. She is tall for her age and is in the "normal" range for her weight. None of my babies have ever been super chunky but both Brielle and Adeline have measured taller. We love having our sweet LuLu in our family. She is a great eater and started eating solids a few weeks ago and loves everything so far. She doesn't sleep thru the night yet, but none of my other girls have at this age anyway- so my expectations are low. Sad for me and my sanity, but I'm used to it. I am working on getting her down to two naps a day now which has been so much better with our busy schedule. We are always on the go and have so much fun with a house full of girls. We wouldn't have it any other way!

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