Friday, April 28, 2017


We signed Arizona up for Spring Soccer and she is loving it. The great part about soccer is that all of her friends from church are on the same team. It's a team made up of boys and girls and it's been so fun to watch them play. I came with an expectation of seeing them just run in all kinds of directions and not really go all out or care about the game. I've been pleasantly surprised as a number of the kids on her team are really good. There are others that make me laugh each time I see them on the field because instead of looking for the ball- they are admiring the plants or the sky. Arizona loves to play but she isn't the fastest runner. A number of times she has said that she can't kick the ball because there are too many kids around. She isn't one to get in the middle of the action, but I can see she has determination and wants to try harder every time she gets on the field. They've already played two games and have lost both. Their practices are on Monday nights at 5:45- right after her ballet practice. Her games are on Saturdays and she has 5 more to go. At this age group of 4-5 year olds, it isn't about the score as much as it is about the fun they have, the exercise, and teamwork. It's a good thing all of the kids get along with each other and love to be active. I just love watching Arizona play. I think I'm slowly becoming a soccer mom. Ha!

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