Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lucy Comes to Dallas

I was absolutely thrilled that my friend Lucy was coming into town for a visit. As a background- Lucy and I met in High School, we were both Juniors and we met in our school gym during a pep rally (we were in the "other" gym- the one for students who didn't want to participate in the pep rally). I was that girl who didn't care about my school sports teams, and never went to a high school football game. Now as an adult and living in Texas- the football capitol of the world right?- I'm thinking one day, I'll make my way to the bleachers and watch a High School football game. There's still time.
 Anyway, off tangent- we were introduced by a mutual friend and I immediately thought Lucy was nice. We talked more over the summer since we had mutual friends that year. We didn't have any classes together but we did have lunch together and that is really where we got to know each best. Our group of friends in High School were odd. By odd,  I mean there were a few girls I knew closely in our group who were fun and nice but others in our group were downright mean and judgemental. Lucy and I took that time when we felt out of place or didn't care about their opinions and ran off somewhere else. We always managed to make our way to the movie theater. So, we've always kept in touch all these years which has been awesome. We've made plans to meet every year. Lucy lives in LA and last year I went to visit her as a pre-baby trip. It was a blast and I ate so much food! That's another thing that binds us as friends...good food.

Our last night together we ate out at an Italian restaurant. 
I had searched for fun things to do in Dallas and since we are in the great state of Texas, I thought it made perfect sense to take her to a place where cowboy hats, boots, real bbq, and cattle were. So we headed to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Every day they have what's called the cattle run, where a herd of cattle are brought out and walk down the main street. I'd say there were about a dozen or so. It was short and sweet but completely authentic.

 We picked a perfect time to go since there weren't many people. The girls were able to run free and enjoy the sights and shops without the worry of a crowd. We had delicious burgers and raided the candy store.

 They had a petting zoo that the girls loved. I was surprised at how comfortable the girls were to let the animals eat out of their hands. They were awfully smelly and hungry- the animals, not the girls.

On one of our last evenings out with the girls, we grabbed pizza at Cane Rosso and then hit up an ice cream truck that specializes in bubble waffle cones. It's really rich so we steered clear of that to avoid a disruption in the girls bedtime routine. 

 On our in between days while Daniel was a work Lucy and I made homemade Korean dumplings. They were so delicious and so time consuming to make. It was fun to make, talk and jam to music while a major storm passed out the window.
 Whenever Lucy and I get together it is essential that we see a movie or two together. We saw Get Out and The Promise and we took the girls and saw Boss Baby. I was blown away by Get Out. I couldn't stop talking about it days after. Boss Baby was really fun too and it was Brielle's first time at the movies. She did amazingly well sitting in her massive reclining seat munching on popcorn. I forgot she was there most of the movie by how quiet she was, eyes wide with anticipation and awe.
 One night Lucy and I went out on the town to meet with one of her clients who lives in Grapevine. We visited Trinity Groves and bought cake from one of my fave spots, Cake Bar. We also went to The Arts District and bought some chocolate and walked around. We were starting to feel tired so we decided it was time to go home. It was getting close to 11 p.m when we almost got on to the freeway and we looked out our window and spotted a long line of people going into a restaurant. Upon further inspection we realized it was a taco place called the Velvet Taco. We both looked at each other and simultaneously said, "Tacos!" I pulled into the parking lot right away and we waited in line. We are both pretty particular about our tacos and we both agreed that these were amazing!! I can't wait to go again. It was so darn good.

 At the mall in Grapevine with the girls. They enjoyed going on the carousel and of course, we did some shopping.

Overall, it was an awesome visit. We were all sad to see  Lucy leave but we are anticipating a trip next year. 

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