Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bring on Summer

The summer heat is getting real now and that means more time around the water. We have a new splash pad down the road from us that we really like and the girls have asked to go many times. Its nice because there is this shaded area for me and Adeline, a spot where she could crawl to and play with the water. The girls like to go back and forth from the water to the playground and everything is so close to each other that I don't feel like a frantic mother wondering where they went. Texas summers are no joke, so its a good thing we have free access to fun cool down activities. 

 I wanted to post a picture of AZ's last soccer game group photo. Her last game was in mid May and it was a windy and cooler day. We were short a few players so AZ played most of the game. We noticed that as each game went on- she got more confident. She kicked the ball more and went for it(not aggressively) but still not totally fearful. We are thinking it will be good for her to do soccer again in the Fall. She enjoyed playing with her friends and I loved that the parents were easy going about it. I guess I should consider myself a soccer mom now.

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