Thursday, October 19, 2017

Preschool, Soccer, Firsts, and More

September was a month of fun. Daniel and I noticed that Arizona's bottom tooth was loose. Now, I don't care much for loose teeth. It's a fun first but I will not be the one to pull it out. I told Daniel that it's his job as a parent. It took about two weeks for it to come out. With a small tug on her tooth, Arizona pulled it out on her own. She felt accomplished and at school, her teacher and classmates sang her a song.  

 We went out to a concert on Sept 11th. We danced to The Fitz, The Tantrums, and One Republic. It was a perfect night out with our friends and each other. Daniel and I also saw the Piano Guys in Concert and that was amazing. Those guys are seriously so talented.

Preschool co-op started the first week of September. Seven of us moms switch up every week to teach the kids. I took on the first week of teaching and was excited to get the kiddos together to learn. There is something about 3 and 4 year olds and the things they say. We had a couple of meltdowns- one from Brielle of course, but all in all it was a success. The kids meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-12. Our theme the month of September was Our Amazing Body, and for October- The Changing Weather. 

Oh yeah, and this is a big first for Brielle- she pooped in the potty! She is officially potty trained and we are so proud of her and filled with relief that we don't have to deal with diapers anymore. You go girl! We celebrated with Andy's ice cream. 

Soccer season has started again and Arizona is getting better each time. Last season she was hesitant and this time she is going for the ball more. We talked about defense and we have noticed that she puts her arm out blocking the opponent. We love rooting for the Kangaroos. There are 7 games in the season and we are heading into the 5th game this coming Saturday. We won one game and have lost the others. It's great to see the kids work together. We love watching them play. 

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